Can I use my shed as a permanent dwelling?

Buildings such as sheds are not normally approved for use as homes or dwellings as they may not have been constructed to comply with the requirements of the Regulations for a residential dwelling. Following the 2009 bushfires, certain concessions for temporary accommodation in buildings on bushfire affected properties were introduced to the planning scheme. These concessions will expire on 31 March 2012 by which time all buildings must comply. If you are considering building a shed with a view to later using it as a dwelling it is important that you seek professional advice before you build, as it may not be the best or most cost efficient option for you. The first choice should be to construct a new dwelling that fully complies with the Building Regulations 2006 (the Regulations). Click on the post to read more.............


Defendable space is an area of land around a building where vegetation is modified and managed to reduce the effects of flame contact and radiant heat associated with bushfire. It comprises an inner zone and an outer zone.

The Defendable Space Requirements:

An inner zone distance as specified by AS 3959-2009 for a particular BAL, an outer […]

Commercial Building Guide for Investors

There is no doubt that commercial building plans are at the very heart of real estate construction industry in Australia. Any person who wants to undertake construction of commercial property should know and observe the rules of building as stipulated by town or city councils across different regions. Some of the important considerations for any […]

Building a Home- Tips for Attaining a Cooler Home Environment

The design of your house is a very important matter when building a home. And, by using the right building plans, you can save a considerable amount of money. It is possible to build an effective home by using the right design and construction process.  If you are thinking of applying for building permits to […]

A Handy Guide to Getting Good Building Plans

If you intend to build a residential home or commercial property, you should at least be aware of the sort of building plans that you would want to use during construction. Municipal regulations state that commercial buildings and business should be constructed within the framework of building regulations. Given that building permits required by local […]

Choose a Draftsperson that Completes Projects on Time

Most people think that the services of an architect is the only necessary thing when it comes to building a home or carrying out home extension, or a commercial project. Although the architect plays a central role as far as conceptualization and design are concerned, an experienced draftsperson cannot be left out of the consultative […]

Projects in March

Here are some of our projects in March.

9 Scott Street , Seaford – A duplex working drawing development within a designated bush fire prone area, light frame construction with maximum internal aesthetics.

188 – 190 Victoria Street, Richmond – Town Planning proposal for a  Multi storey apartments above existing shops, variety of 1 & 2 bedroom apartments along with penthouses.

7 […]

Projects in January & February 2012

It has been a very busy start to 2012 for Fast Track Plans & Permits for our Town Planning & Designing departments, and here are some of the new projects on our books:

38 Maintop Ridge, Botanic Ridge – A new two story build in the Settlers run estate

12 Leland Street, Blairgowrie – A major extension to […]

Projects in December

Well its has been a fantastic and exciting year for Fast Track Plans & Permits with some challenging and spectacular projects that we have done, we are currently updating our project portfolio and over the next couple of months you will be able to view some of these fantastic projects. Below are some of the projects that […]

Projects In November

1200 Center Road, Clarinda – successful Town Planning Proposal for a New Restaurant, including liqueur license, car parking waivers and external signage. Also Fit Out drawings for the construction and extension of the new restaurant.

4 Salisbury Court, Heathmont – Construction Drawings for a conversion of a single storey dwelling into a renovated two storey dwelling

151 Railway Parade, Chelsea […]