Seeing a development from planning stages through to completion is a rewarding undertaking – but it is also an extremely detailed process that requires a deep understanding of the council’s rules and regulations. Yet, these are full of jargon and can be especially vague.

Our team at Arky Design has been working with the council for a number of years now. This means their planning terminology has become a second language for us. One we have mastered to ensure nothing is lost in translation. We are well versed in breaking down the information to present clear guidelines and rules that need to be followed.

Planning permits

These are provided by council and give permission to develop or use land in a particular way. A planning permit is required for a number of different reasons:

  • Building a new home
  • Adding an extension to an existing home
  • Renovating your home
  • Placing an additional dwelling on the land

Your planning permit needs to be obtained from your local council before you can go ahead and obtain a building permit. Applications need to include the proposed design, planning report, shadow diagrams and other documentation.

Building permits

The building permits is the next step in the process. These documents certify that your proposed development complies with the relevant building regulations. Obtaining your building permit allows you to undertake the building work that was submitted in your approved plans.

The building permit is an essential step when it comes to starting the physical work on your project. It provides you with protection, ensuring:

  • Those working on your project are registered and carry the right level of insurance.
  • Key stages of the work are independently checked and inspected.
  • Your build is suitable for occupation on completion.

Applying for a building permit

Our Company can help you with any project. We are a boutique building design and construction company. We are one of the best-Registered builders in Melbourne for construction needs. ARKY Design helps to get building permits for your house plans. Don’t get caught out submitting amendment after amendment. We can help you get it right from the get-go, saving you both time and money in the process. It means you can get started on that building project even faster!

Working drawings

These show the finalised design and the intention of the plans. They need to be both accurate and legible.

Energy Rating Certificate

Before building can go ahead, you need to meet minimum state and territory energy efficiency requirements. We oversee the process of a home energy rating, while also offering advice on how best to design your home to cut costs when heating and cooling.

Soil Report

A soil test is required for a building application in order to provide a soil type classification and footing type recommendation. The soil can have a huge effect on your construction.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers are the ones who, at the end of the day, determine whether or not your building will stand. Getting their clearance is an essential step of the building process.

Drainage Design

When it comes to connection new pipes, extending a house, or removing pipes, approval is needed from the right bodies. We handle the application process to ensure you have the right approvals so your development can go ahead.

Property Information

Property information details important knowledge about current building orders or notices, whether the property is in a hazardous area, uncontrolled overland drainage, outstanding building notices or orders, and must more.

Owner Builder Consent (if required)

If you are planning on carrying out the building works yourself, then you need to apply for an owner-builder permit.

Builders and Building Surveyors

Many of the documents needed for your application require the skills of an experienced building surveyor. It is their sole role to ensure buildings are safe, energy efficient and liveable. They are involved from the start of the building project, right through to the end and make sure you are working withing the legal requirements. If you require a building permit, then you also require a building surveyor.

We have builders we can recommend and a private Building Surveyor who we use to issue the permit.  We can help with an extensive range of permit types from self storage, bed and breakfast and gymnasium, through to tennis court, bowling alley and motel. Whatever your project, let the team at Arky Design lend you a helping hand. We will see you through the process from start to finish, dotting your I’s an crossing you t’s to make sure everything is carried out seamlessly.

What are you waiting for, get started on that next project today!