Do I need a planning permit for a second dwelling?

Do I need a planning permit for a second dwelling?

#Building Small Second Homes Made Easier in Victoria – A Step Towards More Affordable Living
If you’ve been thinking about expanding your living options, there’s exciting news for you! The Victorian Government has recently taken significant steps to provide affordable housing solutions for residents by making it easier to build small second homes. This move comes as a proactive step to address the increasingly complex and expensive housing market.

##Amendments that Count
Previously, the process to build a small second home involved a lengthy planning permit process, equivalent to larger second homes and multi-dwelling developments. But, with the recent reforms, this has changed for the better. Now, a small second home with a floor area up to 60 square meters can be built quickly and easily without the need for a planning permit.

##More than Just a Home
These changes don’t just make it easier to build; they improve our communities in more ways than one. You can share these homes with family, rent them out for additional income, or even utilise them as a private retreat. The Victorian government’s initiative ensures that more people have access to affordable housing in desirable locations, close to an array of amenities including jobs, healthcare, education, and public transport.
##Ensuring the Livability of Our Neighbourhoods.

Despite the new relaxed building rules, the Victorian Government is committed to keeping neighbourhoods livable. That’s why siting, design, and amenity requirements will apply to small second homes. Importantly, there’s no need for planning permits in heritage or neighbourhood character areas, giving more Victorians the opportunity to explore this housing option. However, safety isn’t compromised amidst these changes. Planning permits will still be required in areas with potential bushfire or flooding hazards to ensure everyone’s safety.
##Council permits and planning made simple.
The new rules for building small second homes in Victoria are breaking down the barriers to affordable and diverse living options. Whether it’s for creating extra space, providing a separate dwelling for a loved one or generating additional income, the process has never been easier.

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