How do i know if i need planning or not2019-08-23T07:46:51+10:00

This is a very common question – simply contact your local council

We have some plans that have been done by someone else, can you work with these2019-08-23T07:46:38+10:00

Yes, as long as we get in writing .from the previous designer their copyright waiver.

How do we get you started on our project2019-08-23T07:46:25+10:00

Simply contact us, we take it from there

Do you do building notice work2019-08-23T07:46:14+10:00

Yes, this is a common situation that people find themselves in, and we try to make this situation as easy as possible for you

How confident are you that we will be able to get a permit2019-08-23T07:46:01+10:00

We tell you from the start if their are any issues with a permit approval situation, this forms part of our design brief meeting.

Do you know the local council2019-08-23T07:45:42+10:00


Do you work in my area2019-08-23T07:45:31+10:00

We are Melbourne wide

what is the process on getting a permit2019-08-23T07:45:21+10:00

This is something we go over with you during our design brief meeting.

Do you know any land Surveyors / Building Surveyors2019-08-23T07:44:48+10:00

Yes, and again, all our sub-contractors are people that we have worked with for over 5-6 years.

Do you help with the permit process2019-08-23T07:44:36+10:00

Yes, As part of our streamlined process, we do all the administration process to obtain your permit for you as your agents

Are you able to come up with some ideas to help with the design2019-08-23T07:44:21+10:00

Simply – this is what we do.

Do you know any good builders2019-08-23T07:44:08+10:00

As part of our project management service, we have a select team of builders that we recommend, all our builders have worked with our projects in the past.

Have you done this sort of work before2019-08-23T07:43:57+10:00

Our company has been in operation for over 15 years, so we have done your type of project more than once.

How quickly can you do the drawings2019-08-23T07:43:44+10:00

We understand the time restraints on getting a project up and running, so we try to get the drawings to you as quickly as possible and this is something that we discuss during out design brief meeting

Do you do planning2019-08-23T07:43:32+10:00

Yes – we have a in house town planning specialist that takes care of your application for you.

How quick can you get the permit2019-08-23T07:43:20+10:00

This depends upon the project, but the average timeline for a RBS to issue a permit would be 2 – 3 weeks

Does it cost for you to come to site2019-08-23T07:43:08+10:00

We do not charge for a quote visit. We also offer a design brief meeting which goes over your proposal and any issues, this is a modest fee of $450+GST.

what is the cost of the drawings2019-08-23T07:42:40+10:00

The cost of drawings is heavily dependant upon the work required, As a guideline, you would be looking at 2.5% of the overall building costs

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