Town Planning Permits


We have worked with every council across Melbourne and are used to dealing with Council work and the paper shuffling.  We promise to keep on top of Council to make sure they are not taking their time to deal with your planning permit.

  • Council permits Melbourne

  • Do I need a planning permit?

  • How long will it take to get a planning permit from Council?

  • My house has a heritage overlay on it.

  • Council have refused my permit.

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  • Melbourne planning permit

Builders and Building Permits


  • Home builders Melbourne

  • Bathroom renovation Melbourne

  • Luxury home builders Melbourne

  • New home builders Melbourne

  • Do I need a building permit?

  • Registered builders.

  • Town house builders Melbourne.

  • How do I get a quote from my builder?

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  • How long does it take to build a house?

  • How do I get a quote from a builder?

  • Building permits Melbourne.

Drafting and House Plans


Before you get a quote from a builder you need a set of plans to show them so they can do a costing. Our design team do planning drawings and construction drawings.

  • How do I sub-divide my land Melbourne.

  • Can I use a draftsman or architect to do my house plans.

  • Sustainable house design.

  • Living off the grid.

  • Draftsman Melbourne

  • Residential drafting.

  • Building draftsman

  • Building designer Melbourne

  • My house is in a bushfire area.

  • 3 d house plans

  • How do I design my house to be 5 star energy rated?

  • Construction drawings.

Extensions and renovations or sub-divisions


If you don’t want to move house but need an update we have helped families all across Melbourne make more space for a growing family or renovate an old house. All you do is tell us what you want and we can design it. That easy.

  • Home extensions Melbourne

  • Home renovations Melbourne

  • Bathroom renovations Melbourne

  • Kitchen renovations Melbourne

  • How much will it cost to renovate my house?

  • How much will it cost to extend our house?

Building Inspections & pre-purchase advice

Before you buy a house, business, block of land call us to make sure you can do what you want. We will check the site, the zones and overlays to ensure you are investing in something worth it.
If your home has issues and you need an expert opinion, we can come to see you and have a look at the problem.

  • Building defects Melbourne

  • Building notice from council.

  • Can I build on the land I want to buy?

  • Can I renovate the house I want to buy?

Commercial Building and Design


Starting a business means you might need permits and plans to renovate or change the space to suit your use. We can help get the liquor licence, with car parking issues and have helped people from small dental surgeries to large trendy city bars get set up.

  • I need plans for my restaurant.

  • I need plans for my café.

  • I need plans for my bar.

  • I need plans for my gym.

  • I need plans for my dental surgery.

  • I need plans for my doctor surgery.

Legal Issues, building and construction disputes and VCAT


If you are having an issue or have been refused by Council we can get your VCAT application organised. If you need an opinion on a building dispute we have an in house lawyer who can cast his eye over it.

  • Council planning refusals

  • Vcat application

  • Building disputes with my builder

  • Contract disputes with my builder

  • Is my builder insured?

  • I need a Section 32 to sell my house

  • What does my builder’s contract include?

  • How do I get my builder to repair defects?

  • Do I have to pay my builder if they don’t finish the work?

  • I need a contract of sale.