Arky Design is a boutique building design and construction company. We run the whole project in Melbourne from town planning permits,  town planners and building permits, architectural plans, construction drawings.

Town planning permits are necessary for demolition and new construction. Property development can be a stressful endeavour at the best of times. With our expert knowledge, we will guide and assist you at every stage, saving you plenty of time in the process. With our service, we streamline the process for you from start to finish.

No matter your project, from dual occupancy to warehouse, shed, or factory – or any other building that requires a Planning Permit – we offer packages to suit your individual needs. These include:

Site Feature and Level Survey (by licensed Surveyor)

We review the ground level and the contours of the land you plan to develop. If carried out correctly, it will set the tone for the remainder of your project and influence everything to follow. From design and construction through to development of the land, this essential service helps ensure no costly mistakes as made as construction takes place.

Design, including Site and Floor plans

The site plans detail the exterior surrounding your building structure, while the floor plans focus on the interior details. Detailed plans offer an understanding of the property, including how it flows, how different elements interact and so on. They are essential in determining whether or not a space works for its purposes.

Drafting, including Elevations, Streetscape, Shadow Diagrams, Design Response plan

These are all essential elements of the process. The elevation is a drawing projection that shows the different parts of the building, as they are seen from different directions. It gives an idea of how the final building will appear. The streetscape looks at how the design will impact street user and nearby residents. Shadow diagrams examine where the proposed development will cast a shade and the impact it could have. The design response plan offers a detailed description of the new development and encompasses all these elements mentioned.

Written Statements

All the key elements established above are compiled into a planning statement that accompanies all applications for the proposed site.

Preparation and lodgement of the application with Council

Our team possess extensive experience when it comes to preparing applications for Council. We understand exactly what is expected when it comes to lodging the application, and ensuring all necessary documentation is included in the first round, so there is no back and forth.

Liaison with delegated planning officer

Our years of experience have afforded us great relationships with many members of council. This streamlines the process and ensures if any extra information is required, we are on hand to provide it as swiftly as possible.


Council advertises your application to those it affects. We respond to any objections that are received, addressing their concerns on your behalf.

Extensive industry knowledge

Being a development consultant is a specialised skill that require expert industry knowledge. The team Arky Design has a comprehensive understanding of Council requirements and processes, which we use to help obtain your planning approval.

Steps involved in the planning process

Town planning is an in-depth process with many different aspects to consider each step of the way.

  • A Land Surveyor is engaged to provide a site feature and level survey of the site and surrounding properties. This critical first step will set you up for future success with your development.
  • The development is designed, based on your needs as the owner, as well as ensuring it complies with council requirements.
  • All plans and written statements as required by the council are prepare and then lodged on your behalf.
  • The council allocates the file to a planner who refers the application to all of the relevant parties. If they require additional information or changes, they will send us a letter with the information.
  • If changes are needed, we will make these amendments.
  • Council advertises the application to adjoining property owners/occupiers and others who might be affected by the build. If objections are received, we provide a written response or organise a meeting on your behalf.
  • The planner compiles all the information received and generates a report for their team leader.
  • Once a permit is issued, we then prepare further amended plans.
  • Council approves the plans.

Why you need our expert team on hand?

It can be all too tempting to dive into a project headfirst. However, this can become a very costly endeavour that can affect the outcome of your development. Here at Arky Design, we have extensive knowledge into how council works, with established relationships we can leverage.

We are also across all the requirements and information that is necessary when it comes to submitting the development application. Simply put, we will help alleviate any stress you may experience in the process and manage your expectations to ensure you are thrilled with the result.

Streamline the process today and get help from a professional team.