Developing the project with one Architectural services team then bringing on another to oversee the building works is a little like raising a child to six years of age and then handing him/her over to someone else to raise them thru school and beyond. Continued support throughout the lifecycle of the project will always yield better results and that is where contract administration by the design team with suitable construction experience is fundamental to the outcome of your project.

Contract administration is often seen as an aspect of the building cycle that can be fudged by someone with some or little general building management skills. In actual fact nothing can be further from the truth. It’s folly to underestimate the importance and complexity of the contract administration process when trying to ensure the building is constructed the way the designer and client intended it.

All this whilst also managing all the myriad of situations which arise during construction that needs significant design-intent and construction detailing experience to resolve.

It’s this familiarity with all the construction details, the intricate features and finished expectations of your building that allows us to provide valuable assistance which in-turn streamlines the contractor’s workflow and mitigates construction risk.

Fast Track provides various levels of contract administration services. These can include some or all of the following:
  • tendering the project to Melbourne builders
  • liaising with contractors to ensure accurate tender responses
  • delivery strategy selection and project programming
  • cash flow planning and elemental programming
  • regular or programmed team meetings
  • monitoring and reporting
We welcome you to come and discuss these processes with us and how they will benefit you on your next project.