What is the difference between an Owner Builder and a Melbourne Builder?

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Simpy – A Melbourne Builder is a registered builder with the Victorian Building Commission. This is the only legal registration board in Victoria. There are “associations” like Master Builder’s Associations. But these are just information and resource outlets which builders in Melbourne can become members of. They have no legal authority, but they are a rich source of information for builders.

An Owner Builder is a person who owns the land which they are building on. this can be either a commercial or residential project. According to law, You have to register with the VBA, if your building project costs exceed $12.000. Here is a link to the owner-builder kit which has all the required information and forms to complete.

Being an owner builder means that you assume the role of a builder in Melbourne and all its guarantees and liabilities. It is recommended that you should only register as an owner-builder if you have had some experience with building, as there is many factors, regulations, and timelines that need to be adhered to, and if you have no experience in this, then you are likely to cost yourself time and money on the project.

Composed and written by William Brimfield of Arky Design P/L.