Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Understanding the value of your building plans and the information they provide to the builder and their team of construction workers is extremely important. Arky Design P/L are one of the leading building designers of the Mornington Peninsula with over 17 years experience in the Mornington Peninsula and we have 3 design packages that are designed to suit your building experience and design outcome.

Bronze – Drawings specifically tailored for experienced builders that require minimal information to obtain a building permit, not recommended for owner builders.

Silver – Drawings specifically tailored for average design packages, for those clients that have a little building knowledge, renovations, additions, extensions and new typical builds. these drawings have information that a builder can accurately tender from and work from that have details on how you want the finished product to end up.

Gold – Drawings specifically tailored for high end projects or clients that want the security and comfort to know that the project is completed from start to finish. This packages includes project management, builder selection, all permit applications / approvals and high detailed drawings to ensure maximum communication is clear and of high quality. Includes high resolution 3D image packages and walk throughs to guarantee the standard and finish of the build before any work starts.

The old saying, you get what you pay for is very valid here and buyer beware is unfortunately the case with building projects in Victoria. So making sure your in qualified, professional and quality hands is priceless. Knowing you can talk to the builder / designer and get the product of your dreams is essential to our philosophy.

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