Two Footscray townhouses were so badly built they will have to be demolished.

Despite recent overhauls in governance and regulation of the Victorian building industry. Recent bad builds and disastrous outcomes highlight the need for property owners to be both diligent and rigorous with expectations, builders and inspectors.

The issue is highlighted by the case of Mr. Tony Veleski, a retired postal worker who, in 2015 after 17 years of saving, decided to invest in building two dream town houses.


In hindsight its possible to see the obvious initial problem in accepting a build price half of what experts say was realistic. Though you get what you pay for! Beyond the low price and the implied unprofessionalism of the builder, a string of oversights. Though lack of proper application of the building surveyors job and failings of the Victorian Building Authority mean the townhouses will need to be demolished at a cost to Mr. Veleski of around $1 million. Expensive mistakes!


Unfortunately, the builder went broke mid-way through construction; he had employed the surveyor. Also the surveyor’s ongoing approval of the ‘shonky’ building work was deemed unsatisfactory by the governing Victorian Building Authority. Also instead of relieving him of his duties and investigated his conduct immediately. Through the Authority allowed him to appraise the development a final time and only then, feeling the pressures of earlier misconduct. Also did he deem the development unsafe and ordered its immediate demolition.

Also it has left questions as to the efficacy of the Victorian Building Authority (established in 2015 to clean up this exact type of conduct), rogue builders and bad developments.

Tony Veleski in front of the two Footscray townhouses that will have to be demolished. Photo Jason South


Though the lesson to anyone looking to develop is to spend time investigating builders, don’t accept the lowest price and, importantly. Also employ experienced and professional building planners and surveyors to oversee the initial and ongoing proposition. Also it may cost a little extra but it will certainly save a lot of financial pain, heartache and anxiety.

A recipe for demolition in Footscray, This story originally appeared in the Herald Sun on June 18, 2015: //

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