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WMO assessment

As many of you are aware, since black saturday, Local councils have initiated a new Town planning overlay called WMO, Wildfire Management Overlay. This is basically assessing your proposal against the local CFA and council recommendations for a wildfire management plan to avoid loss of life during a bushfire.

Obvioulsy this is just a new Town planning […]

Why use a Tendering Process?

Developing the project with one Architectural services team then bringing on another to oversee the Melbourne builders works is a little like raising a child to six years of age and then handing him/her over to someone else to raise them thru school and beyond. Continued support throughout the lifecycle of the project will always yield better […]

What is the difference between a residential and commercial builder.

 Step 1

Apart from the obvious, that one builder does residential building and the other does commercial building work, I have outlined below the other differences.

Can a residential builder also build commercial buildings?
Are there different types of commercial builders in Melbourne?
Do residential and commercial builders need to be registered?
Are residential building contract […]

How to choose a Builder in Melbourne by their quotes


Step 1

You would want to have at least 5-6 quotes to assess from.

How long did the builder take to get the quote to you?
Did the builder from Melbourne ask for further detail or information before he quoted?
Does the quote have an estimated figure plus variation costs?
Visit their previous work.

1 – How […]

How to choose a Builder in Melbourne from their quotes


Step 1

You will need to have all your working drawings, structural engineering, energy reports, soil reports, specifications in order for a builder in Melbourne to quote on your project, if you don’t have these, they will not take the time to give you a quote and it is both a waste of your time and […]

How to choose a Builder in Melbourne by the way the site looks

How to choose a Builder in Melbourne

Building In A Bushfire Prone Area

Are you building in a bushfire prone area?
Building in a bushfire area requires careful town planning, siting and design. Buildings
must be designed and constructed to minimise the risk of ignition from a bushfire.

Following the recent bushfires in Victoria there are new regulations which involves
the site to have an assessment done which is called a BAL […]

Speeding up the Town Planning Process

The following principles underpin your town  planning permit process:
• Strategic basis – your proposal  addressing schemes concisely and clearly express a strategic vision and policy basis approach.

• Clear and consistent – Standard provisions apply across the State and are clearly expressed, and having your application address these in the form required by council to highlight clear and consistant information.
• […]

What you should know when building a wall on a boundary

Arky Design Permits is encouraging anyone planning to build on the boundary of a property to make sure they accurately identify the title boundary line to avoid encroaching on an adjacent property.

any encroachment may be considered a trespass of land.

“Encroachment could result in the adjacent land owner taking the property owner to court to seek […]

Building A Home- Tips For Attaining A Cooler Home Enviroment

The design of your house is a very important matter when building in Melbourne. By using the right building plans, you can save a considerable amount of money. It is possible to build an effective home by using the right design and construction process. If you are thinking of applying for building permits to execute a […]