Architect Mornington

Mornington Peninsula


As every-one is already noticing that the supply chain is been heavily impacted by the current pandemic.

Selection of builders in Mornington now has to take into consideration their ties with their supply chain as this will effect your overall budget impact and project completion dates.

a small indication on tradition wait time vs current pandemic delivery timelines ( noting that this is currently extending and will do so until mid year)

Framing and Trusses was typically 4 weeks is now 16 weeks.
Windows was typically 4 weeks and is now 9 weeks
Bricks is typically 2 weeks and is slightly impacted with only typically 4 weeks.
Laminated Timber Veneers was 2 weeks and is now also 16 weeks.

Some home builders are opting for using steel in frames instead of timber to try and alleviate delays, though this has caused a flow-on effect creating increases in demand and cost for all other key building materials – especially steel.

These shortages of building materials in the peninsula are causing building delays, with many builders not even being able to supply estimates for when they will receive materials from their stockists. Without the raw timber to build the frame and finish pouring the slab, the next stage of construction is unable to commence.

Material shortages are currently being cited as the largest delay to work, ahead of labour availability and planning problems.

Arky Design P/L would advise that you now pre-plan your up-coming project to allow for these delay’s and start you preliminary work well in advance.