The following principles underpin yourSpeeding up the Town Planning Process:
Strategic basis – your proposal  addressing schemes. And express a strategic vision and policy basis approach. Clear and consistent – Standard provisions apply across the State and expressed. And having your application address these in the form required. By council to highlight clear. And consistent information. Transparent – Rationale for policy, requirements and planning decisions. Consents on your application made transparent. Third party involvement: Speeding up the Town Planning Process and public consultation and engagement. By affected people in the formation of town planning schemes. In assessing development and in reviewing decisions. Timeliness – An assessment process that does not delay consideration of proposals. And this has highlighted by councils as the main cause of delays. By applications not submitted with all the information required. Improvement – Town Planning schemes and processes reviewed by council. We are aware of these and the impact on your project. Single point of assessment – One person coordinates necessary referrals and notification. And determines the application process and follows it through council. Tailored assessment – Different levels of assessment dependent and independent. Also on complexity and impact of proposal. Independent review of decisions – Opportunity for town planning permit decisions to reviewer. Speeding up the Town Planning Process By an independent body, VCAT.