Look around at builder in Melbourne construction sites; look at what the builder in Melbourne is building, and assess the site yourself.

  1. Is it the building site project similar to your project?
  2. Is the building site clean?
  3. Is there work actually going on at the site or have you noticed over the last few weeks that the site is always closed?
  4. Are there clear safety barriers, portable toilet on site, clear and well label signage, is there lots of building materials stacked up all around the site?
  5. Are there lots of trade’s people milling about or are they all working on a task?

1 – Is the site project similar to your project?

You want to look for a builder in Melbourne that is doing similar projects to what your project is, this means that they are well versed and experienced in your type of project, it also means their tradespeople are experienced in your type of project. This also means that the builder in Melbourne is more likely to quote and to quote accurately on your project. You want a local builder, as it cuts down on the builder’s travel time and he is more likely to be on-site, rather than organizing your project from another site. It also means that the tradespeople and supplies he uses will be local.

 2 – Is the builder in the Melbourne site clean?

This has to be one of the most important telltale signs of a well-organized builder in Melbourne, if the site is a mess, then this usually means the builder is not in control of his site, which means he is not in control of his business, which means, he is not in control of your project, and this will cost you time, money and quality.

 3 – Is there work actually going on?

A common complaint that we hear is that the builder in Melbourne started demolishing, and then wasn’t around again for 6 weeks. This is easily assessed, if you’re driving by over a two week period, you would notice minor to significant changes to the project over this time, you would also expect over the two weeks to see activity on the site.

 4 – Is the site well labeled and secure?

The site should be surrounded with 2m wire fencing. The first thing you want to read is all the signage on the fence, there should be a very clear sign stating safety requirements for entering the site, there should be a clear sign stating who the builder in Melbourne is, registration number, the building surveyor who is overseeing the site and there registration number. Both these signs are minimum and most well-managed sites have more than these two signs. These signs are required by law, and if they are not up, it either means the site is run by an unregistered builder.

Another issue is poor ordering schedule, if the builder in Melbourne has poor time management; you will notice stacks of building products on-site that are not being used over a period of time. This costs you money, it also leaves the products out in the environment and can create weathering issues to some products, and also creates access and movement issues around the site, but the most important thing is that it welcomes theft.

 5 – are there lots of tradespeople milling around?

This is a compound issue, it means that either the builder in Melbourne is running behind, or his time management schedule is poor, maybe tradespeople are waiting on products the builder was supposed to order and forgot. Either way, idle tradespeople on site is a red flag on poor site management and site control and this will cost you money.