Step 1
You will need to have all your working drawingsstructural engineering. Also energy reportssoil reports, specifications in order for a builder in Melbourne to quote on your project. If you don’t have these. They will not take the time to give you a quote and it is both a waste of your time and theirs to think otherwise.
  1. Does you have all the documentation required?
  1. Do you want a small or volume builder?
  1. Do you have any recommended builders?
  1. Where do you find your builder?
  1. How do I get a quote from my builder?
  1. Does long does it take to build a house?
  1. How do I get a quote from a builder?
1 – Do you have all the documentation required?
Your builder in Melbourne will need working drawingsstructural engineering. Also energy reportssoi reportsspecifications. These obtained by your building designer and drafts person. Some builders in Melbourne can also supply these documentation. But you will be paying more for these and have less input than if you went to a building designer and drafts person. An average cost for the documentation is about 2.5% – 5.5% of your total building cost.
 2 – Do you want a small local builder or volume builder in Melbourne?
You will find that a volume builder will usually only do new builds, thus. If you are doing extensions, renovations, you will only be looking at a local builder in Melbourne. If you are doing a new build, then volume builders offer a very competitive option. And they will have show room and show homes and very good system’s in place to ensure. That your build starts and finishes on time and with the products you have selected. You can pick and see your products before you buy. There pricing will be competitive and their timelines very good. As they have teams of trades people working on tight schedules. Variations kept to a smallest as you will have selected all your materials. And products before the start of the project.
A local builder in Melbourne will have a very personal approach to your build. As he will usually be the person on-site doing the build, so personality and repour are important. As any complaints or changes you decide to do will dealt with by him. And you want someone that is approachable and understanding. The quote from a local builder in Melbourne will vary. And that is why you should get a smallest of 5 quotes from local builder in Melbourne.
 3 – Do you have any recommended builders in Melbourne?
This is one of the best ways of selecting a builder in Melbourne. If you know someone that has used this builder in Melbourne in the past. And have great things to say about him. This is one of the highest recommendations and should be on the top of your selection process. He may be a little more expensive than some of the other builders in Melbourne quotes. But this worth the comfort of knowing he will do a great job without conflict.
 4 – where do you find a builder in Melbourne?
Recommendations from friends are your first selection. Your building designer or draftsperson will also have very good recommendations.
Look at building projects around your area. Also find out projects that have built that you liked the finish off. Try and speak to the owner of the building and get the builders details. And their experience with the builder. And this could be very glowing feedback or very negative feedback. The good thing about this is that you are getting t look at the builder in Melbourne past work. To see if it is of sound quality and to speak to a past client.
Lastly – you can choose a builder from Melbourne from any other normal process, google search, local papers, Master Builders etc.