Step 1

You would want to have at least 5-6 quotes to assess from.

  1. How long did the builder take to get the quote to you?
  2. Did the builder from Melbourne ask for further detail or information before he quoted?
  3. Does the quote have an estimated figure plus variation costs?
  4. Visit their previous work.

1 – How long did the builder in Melbourne take to get the quote to you?

All builders, no matter how busy they are, will have a system for quoting, either using a program like Kordell or through any other take-off system that allows them to use the plans you supplied and estimate your project accurately.

All builders in Melbourne will also have a system on how quotes are processed within the company; some will offer 2-3 days turn around whereas some will take 3-6 weeks to get back to you.

It is important to know beforehand what your prospective builder in Melbourne quote timeline is, as this is your first experience with the builder and their abilities to keep timelines, which means if they are late on getting the quote to you, it means that they have no system in place and this should be a red flag.

 2 – Did the builder from Melbourne ask for further detail or information?

This is now another way to access the builder in Melbourne. Most builders will need to speak to you or your designer about the finishing and the PC items. If you get a quote back from a builder in Melbourne that hasn’t made contact or asked about PC items and finishes, this is a big red flag, as the PC items can be as much as 1/3 of your budget. Some builders in Melbourne will allow for this in a variation cost, which is something to stay well clear of.

 3 – Does the quote have an estimated figure plus variation costs?

A variation cost a cost the builder in Melbourne can not estimate without further information. The only variation cost you would expect the see on a quote is possibly for foundation variation, as it is very difficult to know what is under the ground until you start to dig unless of course, you have done a grid system soil report, but that is way too expensive for most residential projects.

Basically, if you see variation costs in the quote, get them taken out, by either supplying the information the builder in Melbourne needs to amend the quote. Variations are red flags for budget blow out’s down the track.

 4 – Visit the builder in Melbourne’s previous work?

Usually, you will have 1-2 quotes from the 5-6 that you received that are in your budget range and that you felt comfortable with the builder in Melbourne. The next and very important step is to see their previous work, including where they are working at the moment. This will allow you to view the site as it runs for a day per day process. Speak to the current client on how the builder is keeping within budget and timelines. Finally see another of his projects that have been completed, to visually see the finished quality and the client’s feedback, as they have been down the road you are about to take with the builder in Melbourne.