Being one of the Peninsulas top designers and with over 16 years of designing on the Peninsula, some-times you get to work on projects that no-one else can take on.

The block was very unique, long, very narrow and so steep, that you had difficulty walking on it, let alone try and build on it. The land had sat vacant for many years due to the fact that it looked impossible to build upon, until it was purchased by our client, he approached us with a brief that was challenging, starting from a pool, multi level design that is individually zoned, multi car garage and boat storage, security entrance gates and system through out the building, category 6 cabling through out, maximizing the buildings ability to be pro active and sustainable, organic style look and sustainability being of high importance, I could go on and on, but let’s move ahead.

The main issue was the site, how do you build on a site you can’t walk on, we engaged one of the peninsulas best engineers and, working closely with Frankston Council Building Department we worked out a in-depth plan of retaining walls with geo web and screw piles to stabilize the soil, as this site also has slip issues, and support the load of the dwelling including wind movement, as those that walk along the water front will be very aware of, and imagine the uplift of nature in a windy storm.

Once this foundation was completed, we moved into the steel portion of the design, there is a huge amount of steel within this project and it had to be millimeter perfect, then we had to get it onto the site and positioned correctly. This was a mammoth under taking, but we had a very experience steel team involved and it went up with out a hitch. Then we laid down the polished concrete floors that were thermally heated, my favorite type of flooring.

Then we had to import triple glazed sliding doors from Germany, these are a work of art, they are substantial in weigh and size, and they must be opened and closed with 1 finger, the company flew the installer out to make sure these were installed professionally and correctly remembering these had to with stand gale force winds. we did try finding a local producer, but we found it very hard to find an manufacturer and the cost was higher than importing.

I will continue this projects story in coming blogs.

Meanwhile, If you wish to view our work, take a walk along Frankston Foreshore and look to up to Oliver’s Hill, and you cant miss the building, or if your more fitter, walk up the public stairs that go directly past for a closer look.