A Luxury Modern design Melbourne Home built on a unique block with Unlimited views of the bay, first ever triple glassed doors from Germany, a pool on stilts and organic outdoor area above garage

Arky Design was engaged to design a luxury modern design, a unique development one a very unique site, The site has an amazing view of the bay, but virtually you could not walk on the slope of the site.

We also had major council height restriction that had to be adhered to, so our design had to be millimetre correct. We then had to look at the horizon pool that was to be built upon stilts, we have to taken in the pools passive impact upon the dwelling, as even when it is a calm day, you are getting uplifting winds that make the water active and the weight transfer during stormy weather could be disastrous. Once this was resolved, then came the stability of the dwelling as the substructure of the land in Oliver’s Hill as highly known as high slip areas. So work was put into stabilizing the substructure, and this took several months to complete.

The next step was to design a passive house that inspired the owner and made the internal climate calming through out natures extreme weather. This lead to polished concrete floors being used as heat sinks and hydronic heaters, triple glasses windows from Germany to maintain heat gain and loss and withstand the high winds. Our modern look plus commonsense livability outcomes make this dwelling unique in Melbourne.